Enjoy delicious finnish cuisine in Hophaus Distillery Restaurant buffet

From 65 €

Enjoy the natural flavours of Finnish cuisine in Hophaus Distillery restaurant.

Welcome to visit the one and only organic distillery restaurant Hophaus in the heart of Tahko resort in Kuopio. This unique Hophaus restaurant operates together with distillery, so you will have a straight view to the distillery. In Hophaus restaurant we invest to quality being full of feelings, aromas and tastes. Hophaus Buffet is perfect for groups or special events.

Hophaus Buffet


Vehmaan maut "local" Coppa ham

Vehmaan maut "local" salami of Naples / salame Napoli

Bresaola beef

Flamed salmon and shrimp skagen

Peltola’s blue cheese

Thyme marinated olives

Roasted cauliflower, honey yogurt and walnuts

Grapes and honeydew melon

Assortment of green salads, blueberries, cucumber, lemon vinaigrette, roasted seeds and herbs

Marinated cherry tomatoes and red onion

Pickled red cabbage and coriander

Local Liepuska’s sourdough bread and warm Vintage cheese sauce

Main course

Slow cooked lamb entrecôte, dark lemon thyme sauce,

truffle flavoured potatoes with smoked vegetables


Varnish tiramisu, dried sea buckthorn and caramel

Press pot -coffee, ginger tea

65€/ person

MIN. 40 persons

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Suitable experience all year


Break Sokos Hotel Tahko

Sääskiniementie 560, 73310 Kuopio
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