Need a hand promoting Finland?

Credits: Elina Manninen / KEKSI


We’ll help you out.

Our Visit Finland teams around the world are happy to support travel trade professionals’ efforts to promote Finland. Contact our team today, we’re here to help.
Credits: Elina Manninen / KEKSI

What does Visit Finland do?

The main task of Visit Finland is to promote international travel to Finland in cooperation with the Finnish travel industry. We build the image of Finland as an attractive travel destination internationally and support companies nationally in developing and marketing travel services for international markets.

Visit Finland's Global sales promotion team in Helsinki coordinates Visit Finland’s international sales promotion measures and action plans. Our market experts working in target markets are responsible for Visit Finland’s market measures and local partnerships.

Visit Finland's target markets in 2023
Focus markets: Germany, UK, and Sweden
Active markets: United States, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, India  
Supported markets: Benelux countries, Austria, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea

Visit Finland is a part of Business Finland.


Your local teams

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • North America
Caroline Beaton-Moscatelli
Country Manager
caroline.beaton (at)
+44 7523 541 806
Jyrki Oksanen
Head of DACH & Benelux
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg 
jyrki.oksanen (at)
+49 152 28677233
Sanna Tuononen
Country Manager
sanna.tuononen (at)
+33 6 48 20 17 19
Barbara Demartin
Market representative, Travel trade
b.demartin (at)
+39 329 1336867
David Campano
Country Manager
Spain & Italy
david.campano (at)
+34 634 718 855
Sara Snäll
Manager, Trade partnerships DACH & Benelux
DACH & Benelux 
sara.snall (at)
+49 017 699588644
Ulla Hempel
Manager, Trade partnerships DACH & Benelux
DACH & Benelux
ulla.hempel (at)
+49 176 4391 5335

Your team in Finland

  • Global sales
  • Business events
  • Marketing
  • Business intelligence
  • Sustainable Travel
Mervi Toivonen
Director, Trade Promotion
Trade Promotion and Business Events 
mervi.toivonen (at)
+358 50 554 5050
Marko Risku
Director, Customer Growth
marko.risku (at)
+358 50 5900 271
Asta Kekkonen
Area Manager
asta.kekkonen (at)
+358 46 923 2086
Aleksandra Shakhnovich
Specialist, Trade Promotion
aleksandra.shakhnovich (at)
+358 50 577 2788
Mira Immonen
Event Manager
mira.immonen (at)
+358 50 344 9397
Ulla Remes
Event Manager
ulla.remes (at)
+358 500 503 062
Teemu Ahola
Director, International Operations 
teemu.ahola (at)
+358 41 468 6929
Päivi Hobbs
Area Manager
Japan, China, South-Korea, India
paivi.hobbs (at)
+358 40 546 8345
Heli Saari
Area Manager
DACH, Benelux, France, Spain, Italy
heli.saari (at)
+358 40 564 2780
Cené Ferjani
Event Manager
cene.ferjani (at)
+358 46 920 5014
Anne Niska
Specialist, Event & FAM
anne.niska (at)
+358 50 597 0798
Kirsi Suni
Specialist, Event & FAM
kirsi.suni (at)
+358 50 595 9980

PR and Media Contact

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Regional contacts

  • Helsinki Region
  • Coast & Archipelago
  • Lakeland
  • Lapland
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