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Credits: Julia Kivelä

Credits: Julia Kivelä

Sports: 365 days of outdoor activities

Due to its northern location and climate, Finland is the perfect destination for winter sports and a natural choice for an active leisure holiday, family-friendly adventure and more. Finland also has many national parks, some of which are right next to its biggest cities, providing many exciting opportunities for exercising, training and playing recreational sports.

View Visit Finland’s Sports Travel Manual for help planning sporting events and active experiences for your customers.

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Visit Finland Sports manual in English (pdf)

Visit Finland Sports manual in Chinese (pdf)

Credits: Mikko Nikkinen

Education: A whole new way to learn

Finland consistently scores high on global PISA rankings, but what truly differentiates it from other high-ranking countries is its unique education system. With its comparatively short school days, limited focus on homework and exams and emphasis on experiential learning, self-direction and critical thinking, Finland does learning differently.

View this product manual to explore educational travel products designed for global professionals in the travel industry.

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Educational product manual in English (pdf)

Educational product manual in Chinese (pdf)

Credits: Harri Tarvainen

Wellness: Comprehensive healthcare for all

The Finnish healthcare system offers comprehensive, high-quality care ranging from general health services to specialized medicine and covering everyone from newborns to the elderly. In addition, Finnish healthcare is state-of-the-art, our life expentancy is longer than the EU average and we’re ranked one of the world’s top countries for quality of life. In 2022, Finland also topped the World Happiness Report – for the fifth time in a row.

View this brochure for an overview of Finland’s medical services as well as a selection of hospitals and clinics geared toward delivering healthcare to international patients.

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Health travel manual in English (pdf)

Health travel manual in Chinese (pdf)

Health travel manual in Russian (pdf)

Credits: Harri Tarvainen

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