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Curated promotional content

Credits: Harri Tarvainen / North Karelia


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Take the straight route to promoting Finland as a destination. View this collection of curated content to find relevant images, videos and assets organised by region, season or topic.
Credits: Harri Tarvainen / North Karelia

Four unique regions

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From snow-covered Lapland to bustling Helsinki, Finland’s four regions have plenty to offer today’s travellers. Let us introduce you to the “fantastic four” in these region-specific promotional kits.

Four distinct seasons

Winter, summer, spring or autumn, each of Finland’s four seasons brings something new and delightful to try, see or taste. Get to know each of them in these promotional kits organized by season.

Endless Finnish experiences

Whether it’s the Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun, architecture or adventure, sauna or swimming (or a little of everything!), Finland has an experience for every kind of traveller. Learn more about our unique attractions in these promotional kits.