Why choose Finland?


It is the destination your customers have been searching for.

The world’s happiest nation is a year-round destination that’s easily accessible via air and sea.



The happiest country in the world, 5 times in a row

The World Happiness Report, 2022

Finland is the 5th safest country in the world

World Economic Forum 2021

6 reasons to choose Finland

Our focus on safety, sustainability, and ensuring a smoothly functioning society make Finland a fantastic destination for business and leisure travellers in search of more meaningful experiences. Here are 6 reasons to make Finland part of your travel portfolio.

Mariia Kauppi

Safety comes first

Finland is one of the world’s safest travel destinations. Finns are the type of people who will return your lost wallet, and our well-functioning society ensures smooth travels.

Julia Kivelä

Sustainability is our top priority

Finland strives to become the world’s most sustainable travel destination. Read our point of view on sustainability and to get to know the STF programme, which aims to help the travel industry adopt future-proof practices.

Julia Kivela

It’s always the perfect time to visit

Finland stretches from the Baltic Sea to the Arctic Circle, so each season offers something new and worth experiencing. Visit our site for international travellers to learn more.

Accommodations beyond the ordinary

From glass huts designed for aurora-spotting to hotels made entirely of snow, Finland’s accommodations are as unique as our terrain. Visit the Travel Trade site for a list of unique accommodations.

Olli Vainio

Getting here is easy

Finland is easily accessible. In addition to the main airport, Helsinki-Vantaa (HEL), several others offer direct international flights, and Finland’s ports connect to numerous cities in the Baltic region. Visit our site for international travellers for more information.

Pasi Visakivi Verkatehdas 2021

Perfect for business events

Finland ranks high on UIA’s list of the most popular congress countries – for good reason. Our event experience and expertise, combined with our many accomplishments in research and innovation and array of top-notch venues, makes Finland an excellent place for business events.

Finland’s unique characteristics

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The happiest country in the world is the land of a thousand lakes and offers easy access to forests. Finland is also known for its sauna culture, Santa Claus, northern lights, the Moomins and more. Visit these articles on our consumer site to learn more about the unique characteristics of Finland.