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The world’s happiest nation is the perfect destination for travellers in search of authentic experiences. Learn how travel industry professionals like you can promote Finland as a destination to the next wave of visitors.
Credits: Harri Tarvainen / North Karelia

The future of travel is more mindful.

Travellers want meaningful, profound experiences – and Finland is a wonderful place to find them. In this land of a thousand lakes, access to green space is available to all, and nature is never far away – even in major cities. And with our reputation as the epicenter of sauna, the hometown of Santa and one of the world’s safest, most sustainably-minded destinations, Finland has plenty to offer the mindful traveller.

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Finnish winners at Scandinavian Outdoor Award TRAVEL

3 out of 4 different category winners are offering their services in Finland. Read from this article more about these companies.

Mariia Kauppi

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Julia Kivelä

Stand out with the Sustainable Travel Finland programme

The STF label indicates that a Finnish travel company or destination is committed to sustainable development and is taking actions to mitigate the impacts of travel on the planet, its people, and our local communities.

Covid-19 updates for Finland

In these uncertain times, rules and regulations are constantly changing. Here's the latest information about travel to and within Finland during the pandemic.

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Kristinestad by the sea

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Cold is the new hot: Finland leads the winter swimming way

As the practice of taking an icy dip booms in Finland – one of the birthplaces of winter swimming, younger generations are embracing the activity for its dynamic range of health benefits. Elina Mäkinen, Finland’s best-known professional winter swimmer and international TikTok sensation, shares her favorite winter swimming spots – suitable also for beginners – in the world’s happiest country.

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