3 x sustainable activity providers in Southern Finland

Credits: Magni Mundi


"Sustainability is as vital as the air we breathe, and it guides our every action"

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Credits: Magni Mundi

Magni Mundi, Turku

Magni Mundi, translating to "Great Worlds" in Latin, is a Finnish incoming travel company dedicated to offering cultural experiences in Southern Finland.

“At the heart of our mission lies a deep commitment to sustainability and responsibility. We believe in creating memorable experiences while fostering respect for cultural, social, and environmental values. Our practices include promoting equality, ensuring fair pay, and minimizing tourism's impact on local communities and the environment.” says Karoliina Vitikainen, co-owner of Magni Mundi.

“We choose suppliers with sustainability certification, or when needed, small local businesses without certification over big chains to support the local economy. In cities, we prefer sustainable walking tours over bus tours, and our guides use public transportation whenever possible.”, explains Vitikainen. Paper products are also used as limited as possible, for example all paper is printed double sided and is certified with the EU Ecolabel. Used paper is separated from residual waste, collected, and retrieved.

Turku's climate measures are truly convincing, while Helsinki and Tampere share the ambitious goal of becoming the most sustainable tourist destinations in the world. We are pleased to operate in these cities and utilize the services they offer.” says Vitikainen.

As signatories of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism and with a robust Carbon Management Policy, Magni Mundi is transparent about its efforts and progress. The company also contributes to local heritage conservation, supporting sites like the Life on a Leaf House and the St. Henry’s Ecumenical Art Chapel in Turku. “Our main challenge lies in acquiring accurate carbon footprint data from more hotels to further our commitment to the environment.", says Vitikainen.

Winter walk in the old city of Turku
Credits: Magni Mundi

Säynätsalo Town Hall, Jyväskylä

In the heart of Finnish Lakeland, lies the Säynätsalo Town Hall, an architectural jewel crafted by famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. The Town Hall is meticulously preserved by local travel company Tavolo Bianco, which has emerged as a guardian of local heritage and sustainable tourism. 

The Town Hall's story began in the 1940s as a bold vision of a small community. Today, Tavolo Bianco upholds the legacy by welcoming thousands of visitors annually to experience Alvar Aalto's vision about harmonious balance between human design and natural beauty. 
"Sustainability is as vital as the air we breathe, and it guides our every action," asserts founder Harri Taskinen. Tavolo Bianco's sustainable practices are multifaceted, encompassing eco-friendly tours and accommodations that minimize environmental impact while maximizing visitor engagement with Aalto's work. 

The motto of the company is: "Regardless of your profession, education, experience, or what stage of your life you are in, what mobility you have, or who you love, you are always safe and welcome to visit Säynätsalo Town Hall.".  It is no wonder, that the company holds several certificates regarding accessibility and sustainable development, including the Sustainable Travel Finland label and Biosphere certification. Additionally, the company is part of We Speak Gay and Welcome Cyclist communities.

Among its concrete actions, Tavolo Bianco prioritizes partnerships with certified suppliers and local businesses, ensuring that tourism not only celebrates Aalto's legacy but also nurtures the local economy. “We strive to create an atmosphere for our guests in which the destination is left better than before their visit, ensuring they do not harm nature or local life.”, says Harri Taskinen.

Visiting the Säynätsalo Town Hall can range from a quick tour, including accommodation and a boat trip to Alvar Aalto’s summer residence in Muuratsalo, to a more extended, in-depth stay, offering various ways to appreciate Aalto's legacy – all while ensuring that the visit treads lightly on the environment. 

"Regardless of background or ability, our guests are enveloped in safety and welcome," the founder emphasizes, reinforcing the company's inclusive philosophy. 

The distinctive design of Säynätsalo Town Hall is the work of famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto
Credits : Harri Taskinen / Tavolo Bianco
The town hall can also be visited outside the main summer season.
Credits: Harri Taskinen / Tavolo Bianco

Aavameri, Archipelago Sea, Turku

In Finland's breathtaking Archipelago Sea landscape lies a treasure with over 25,000 islands. Aavameri, a Turku-based pioneer in open-air adventures, offers a unique and sustainable way to explore this magnificent archipelago labyrinth by sea kayak.

Since its inception in 1998, Aavameri has been committed to providing sustainable and responsible sea kayaking experiences. The company ensures that every adventure respects both the customer and the natural world. Aavameri's tour packages have also been recognized in several travel awards and competitions, including the Visit Finland “Authentic Experience” award from 2018.

Aavameri believes in the power of small group tours and individualized attention. By limiting group sizes, they not only provide a more personalized experience but also minimize the environmental footprint of their activities. This approach allows for detailed instruction and a focus on safety without compromising the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

As a partner of the Leave No Trace program and a certified member of Sustainable Travel Finland, Laatutonni Quality 1000-label, and Pan Parks, Aavameri stands as a guardian of outdoor ethics and environmental protection. Their activities are carefully planned to align with the conservation of the Archipelago National Park and heritage area. For instance, during the birds' nesting season, areas with numerous bird nests are avoided, and kayakers are steered clear of the seals' resting spots.

“We work in a close cooperation with the islanders living in the Archipelago Sea, and on our tours, you will gain insight in the archipelago culture and lifestyle.”, explains Benjamin Donner, the company's founder. Donner leads a team of professional guides and instructors, each bringing over two decades of expertise in sea kayaking and wilderness leadership. Their extensive qualifications, including various international certifications, ensure the highest level of instruction and safety.

For example, Donner himself is a certified Sea Kayak Guide Coach and Assessor, an ISKGA Advanced Guide, Nordic Instructor License Instructor Coach/Assessor, BCU 5 Star Sea Kayak Leader, Wilderness First Responder and First Responder instructor.

Imagine gliding through the Archipelago Sea under the light of a full moon or during a warm summer evening, surrounded by the legacy of the ice age. Aavameri's tours offer these magical moments, with the added thrill of potentially encountering the native grey seal or Baltic Sea minnow. With respect for wildlife, Aavameri guides carefully ensure that the natural inhabitants of the archipelago remain undisturbed.

A happy traveler amidst the stunning landscape of the Archipelago Sea.
Credits: Aavameri / Benjamin Donner