Finnish travel industry going carbon-neutral

Credits: Mikko Nikkinen


We want to support Finland in achieving its position as a leading country in sustainable tourism.

The Glasgow Declaration signatories commit themselves to cut their CO2 emissions in half during this decade and will work to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
Credits: Mikko Nikkinen

Visit Finland and 60 other Finnish tourism companies and regions, have signed the Glasgow Declaration for Climate Action in Tourism in June 2022.

The Glasgow Declaration is the most comprehensive statement about climate change in the tourism sector. The declaration provides a framework that, for the first time, brings together all operators in the tourism industry around these shared commitments in five different ways: measuring and reducing CO2 emissions, reforming policies, increasing cooperation, and securing funding needed for development.  

“Visit Finland wants to do its part in achieving these goals, and our strategy is guiding us towards an inclusive and professional industry as well as a holistically sustainable travel destination that will be carbon-neutral by 2035. Visit Finland's own climate measures are related to, among other things, responsible business trips, events, and communication. Above all, the goal is to offer tools to Finnish tourism companies in the form of the Sustainable Travel Finland program", says Kristiina Hietasaari, the senior director of Visit Finland.  

Tourism must continue to be possible in the future, and the business opportunities and employment offered by the tourism industry have to be ensured. Sustainable tourism supports essential national goals, such as regional economic development and the fight against climate change. 

“Finland's tourism product is sensitive to the effects of the warming climate. It must be safeguarded as we want travelling to be possible also in the future. The development of low-carbon travel options, experiences, and destinations must be secured. The Finnish tourism industry is committed to this common goal”, Hietasaari continues. 

“We want to support Finland in achieving its position as a leading country in sustainable tourism and show our region's tourism operators and stakeholders that environmental responsibility affects us all, and only with responsible actions can we preserve our unique lakes and nature for future generations”, says Katja Vehviläinen, director of regional destination management organization goSaimaa.  

“Sustainability must be a way of life, it is not a choice we have. The future of our kids relies on it. Our actions today will directly affect their tomorrow”, says Theo Turner, CEO of Wild About Lapland.  

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