3 x Finnish winners from Scandinavian Outdoor Award TRAVEL (SOA TRAVEL)

Credits: Sanna Wallenius / Kristinestad


The winners were two Finnish destinations and one private company

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Credits: Sanna Wallenius / Kristinestad

3 out of 4 different travel category winners are offering their services in Finland

The winners of Scandinavian Outdoor Award TRAVEL (SOA TRAVEL) were selected and awarded in the beginning of March 2023 in Berlin. The jury consisted of German tour operators and travel trade professionals.

Koli, Lieksa. Award winner SOA TRAVEL DESTINATION 

The breathtaking views from Koli national park and its most famous peak Ukko-Koli were chosen as one of the Finnish national landscapes. No wonder that many Finnish classic artists such as composer Jean Sibelius and painters Pekka Halonen and Eero Järnefelt have travelled across the country to search their inspiration from Koli’s mythological landscapes.  

Also, Lieksa, a municipality with almost 650 km2 of inland waters, offers travelers a fair portion of pure nature experiences. For example, Lieksa’s Ruunaa recreational area is world-famous for its hiking trails, fishing and rafting possibilities. 

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Koli National Park is spectacular place to visit in every time of the year
Credits: Jussi Helttunen

Kristinestad. Award winner SOA TRAVEL SUSTAINABILITY 

Kristinestad is a second destination in Finland that holds Sustainable Travel Finland label for destinations. It means that the majority of the companies that are offering their services for tourists are committed to sustainable development and have received the STF label as well.  

Kristinestad is a peaceful and cozy wooden town located on Western coast of Finland. Here you can feel the relaxed atmosphere of an old coastal town, but also enjoy a variety of nature activities located a stone’s throw away from the city center. Kristinestad also belongs to Cittaslow network, “the international network of cities where living is good”.  

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Slow your pace at Kristinestad’s old wooden streets
Credits: Hammarberg / Kristinestad

Polar Light Tours. Award winner SOA TRAVEL PRODUCT 

Polar Light Tours is a family-owned company, located near Levi ski resort far above the Arctic Circle. The company specializes especially in husky and horse packages, but there is also a wide range of other nature-related tours and activities.  

Jump on a horse’s back, breathe the world’s purest air and enjoy the breathtaking wilderness views! 

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Happy rider on a horseback
Credits: Polar Lights Tours