Kilpisjärvi calls for tourism operators to fill new lots

Credits: Metsähallitus


Unique plots of land for tourism business are being developed in Enontekiö's Kilpisjärvi.

This is a joint zoning project by Metsähallitus and the Enontekiö municipality.
Credits: Metsähallitus

The Metsähallitus is opening a competition for plot transfers in Kilpisjärvi area

Enontekiö's Kilpisjärvi is offering unique plots for tourism through a Metsähallitus and Enontekiö's municipality project. Four lots north of the village, by highway 21 and Saanajoki, are up for grabs.

The Metsähallitus has opened a competition for plot transfers in Kilpisjärvi and the winner must commit to implementing their plan. The plots are being offered for sale through a tender process to ensure the quality and local suitability of future construction.

"The goal is to build a high-quality tourist area by Saanajoki, enhancing the region's identity and bolstering Enontekiö's tourism services," says Petri Härkönen, the municipal director.

With slow, restorative travel trending, Finnish nature spots are in demand. The Kilpisjärvi plot competition presents a chance to craft a sustainable, attractive destination, drawing interest from both local and international investors. 'We're eager to see innovative ideas from all. The best concept should prevail,' notes Kaija Laitinen from Invest in Finland.

Breathtaking winter landscapes of Enontekiö
Credits: Metsähallitus

The area's planning prioritizes sustainability

The area's planning prioritizes sustainable and environmentally mindful high-quality tourism infrastructure, given its proximity to a nationally significant landscape.

"Contestants must submit design proposals that are architecturally distinguished and feasible. Visual presentations should illustrate the plot's appearance and integration with its environment," explains Tanja Hämäläinen, leading land use expert of Metsähallitus.

The competition period starts on 01.03.2024 and ends on 01.06.2024.


For more details and inquiries, contact Mr. Timo Karhapää:
timo.karhapaa (at)
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Available land plots on map
Credits: Metsähallitus