Meet new sustainable destinations: Puumala and Tahko

Credits: Juho Kuva


Puumala and Tahko resorts have been awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label for destinations

In the past, a similar regional label has only been granted to destinations of Posio and Kristiinankaupunki. More than 250 tourism companies around Finland have already received the STF company label.
Credits: Juho Kuva

More than half of the companies serving international tourists in Sustainable Travel Finland -labeled destination must have achieved the STF company label

There are seven criteria for achieving Sustainable Travel Finland label for destinations in total. The destination must, among other things, commit to the national principles of sustainable tourism, support the growth of competences of companies in the region in accordance with sustainable development, communicate about sustainable development in multiple channels and draw up an updated development plan.

- Achieving the destination label requires a common goal and extensive cooperation between entrepreneurs and the municipality. Puumala and Tahko have done long-term work to ensure the success of the industry in the future as well, commented Visit Finland's sustainable tourism specialist Virpi Aittokoski.

Sustainable companies and tourist destinations are a priority in Visit Finland's campaigns, product launches and trade fairs

There are currently six companies in Puumala with the STF label: Pistohiekka Resort, Sahanlahti Resort, Okkolan Lomamökit, Saimaa Canoeing, Lakeland GTE and Adverento Travel.

- We are happy and proud of the STF recognition. In Puumala, you can find the offer of STF-labelled companies even for longer stays, which is currently a big advantage, e.g. in international marketing and tour operator cooperation, says Puumala municipality's marketing manager Tuula Vainikka.

Cycling is a popular summer activity in Puumala
Credits: Juho Kuva

Companies that have received the STF label in the Tahko resort are: Tahko Chalet, Break Sokos Hotel Tahko, Tahko 24H, Pehku Restaurant, Tahko Spa Hotel, Tahko Apartments, TiinanTuvat, Youth Centre Metsäkartano, Tahko Mountain, Tourism Center Rauhalahti, SkiMac Tirol, Panorama Bar, Puustila Golf & Ski, Restaurant Rehti and Central booking office Tahko.

In addition, in the Kuopio-Tahko tourist area, the Youth Centre Metsäkartano and Travel Center Rauhalahti have also received the STF label.

- This is a great achievement for Tahko, a joint effort, and what makes it special is that we are the first resort in Finland to achieve the STF label. A large number of companies in our region are committed to the principles of sustainable tourism. With a plan structured at a strategic level and with company-specific certificates and STF labels, we have formed a responsible ecosystem linked to each other. This is a significant asset for Tahko and has positive effects on both national and international sustainable tourism, commented Anna Hämäläinen, Tahko's sustainable tourism coordinator.

Tahko resort offers breathtaking views and activities for the whole family all year round
Credits: Kuopio-Tahko