Meet new sustainable destination: Savonlinna region


Savonlinna has been awarded with Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label for destinations.

Nestled in the heart of Finland, the Savonlinna region has long been celebrated for its breathtaking lake landscapes, historical landmarks, and rich cultural heritage. The medieval Olavinlinna Castle, named after a Viking king, stands as a testament to the region's historical significance. In addition, it boasts the world's largest wooden church, the serene Lake Saimaa, and the pristine Kolovesi and Linnansaari national parks. These natural and cultural treasures hold immense value for both local residents and tourists.

To safeguard these riches for generations to come, tourism operators in the Savonlinna region have actively engaged in the national sustainable tourism program. This program serves as a guiding light, leading these operators toward a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Tourism in the Savonlinna region is characterized by its diversity and reliance on locally-owned businesses. It emphasizes the unique characteristics of the area's nature and local culture while offering eco-friendly activities. The overarching goal is clear: preserve the region's cultural heritage, protect its natural diversity, and minimize the environmental and community impacts of tourism.

Unique ridge landscapes are trademark of Savonlinna region
Credits : Visit Finland
Wooden church of Kerimäki
Credits: Visit Finland

In August 2023, the Savonlinna region achieved a significant milestone when Visit Finland recognized it with the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label for destinations. This label symbolizes a commitment to and the systematic pursuit of sustainable tourism practices.

Remarkably, up to 70% of the international tourism companies in the Savonlinna region have successfully completed the sustainable tourism program, earning them the prestigious STF label.

The Savonlinna region's achievement of the Sustainable Travel Finland label underscores the commitment of local businesses to fostering sustainable tourism. As this stunning destination continues to evolve, it remains a shining example of responsible tourism that respects both nature and culture.

Famous Savonlinna Opera Festival belongs to the Sustainable Travel Finland -label too.
Credits: Soila Puurtinen

Company example: Lomamokkila

Lomamokkila, a pioneering company in sustainable tourism within the region, exemplifies sustainability efforts. For over 40 years, Lomamokkila has provided farm and cottage accommodations, rooted in traditions passed down through generations.

The company has continually reduced its carbon footprint by enhancing energy efficiency and investing in renewable energy sources. Sustainable forest management practices are also employed on the surrounding land, and all the structures are constructed using wood, aiding in carbon sequestration.

Visitors to Lomamokkila are offered a genuine Finnish way of life experience, and the environmentally friendly nature activities create lasting memories. The  kitchen primarily sources local food and produce from its own farm, crafting delectable dishes that showcase the region's bounty.

Besides of holding Sustainable Travel Finland -label, Lomamokkila belongs to Tripadvisor’s Green Leaders programme and has scored excellent ereview results on (9,5 out of 10 for cottage accommodation and 9,3 out of 10 for B&B services).

Credits: Lomamokkila