Welcome, national carbon footprint calculator!

Credits: Harri Tarvainen


Visit Finland has developed a solution for calculating carbon footprint.

Pilot version of the calculator is now available for travel companies registered in Finland.
Credits: Harri Tarvainen

New tool helps companies to understand their current location on their sustainability path and figure out next steps to move forward.

Visit Finland's goal is to make Finland the world's leading country in sustainable tourism by 2025. The freshly released pilot version of the national carbon footprint calculator is a concrete tool intended for Finnish travel and tourism companies. The tool helps companies to monitor their own carbon footprint and gives understanding what actions are the most energy-consuming, so that the company can take further steps to reduce their emissions and energy consumption.

How does it work?

The carbon footprint calculator is a browser-based tool that provides a company understanding on processes that cause most of their emissions, in order to take concrete actions to decarbonize operations. The system calculates the consumption data with the selected emission coefficients and gives the result of the company's carbon footprint. 

- The calculator is now in test use by 200 users. It is currently able to perform basic calculations, but further comprehensive development will follow. The calculator will be integrated as part of our national Sustainable Travel Finland program, where we already have over 900 Finnish travel companies, says Visit Finland's Head of Sustainable Development Liisa Kokkarinen. 

- The carbon footprint is one of the most significant metrics that companies monitor, but its calculation is surprisingly old-fashioned. In this way, the emission coefficients also fall behind, and this slows down the making of changes. Our solution enables proactive measures to be planned, simulated and better decisions made. This has significant effects on the fight against climate change, continues Kokkarinen. 

The official launch of the final version of the carbon footprint calculator for the tourism industry will be next year, but the pilot version can be used by Finnish companies already now.

The official launch of the final carbon footprint calculator version for the tourism industry will be done next year, but the pilot version can be used by Finnish companies already now. 


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