Unveiling the Champions: Winners of the Hungry for Finland 2023 Competition

Credits: Tammiston Tila


Explore the winners of the Finnish food tourism competition selected in December 2023

Hungry for Finland is a competition that regularly highlights the diverse experiences of Finnish food tourism.
Credits: Tammiston Tila

1st place, Tammiston Kuulas, Naantali

Over a century ago, the iconic yellow farmhouse of Kuulas took root in place called Tammisto in Naantali surroundings, accompanied by the planting of apple trees in its garden. Now everybody can embark on a culinary journey, where the essence of traditional Finnish food experience has been perfected to win the Hungry For Finland 2023 competition.

At Tammiston Kuulas, enveloped in the rustic charm of apple trees, guests can savour delightful sweet treats, sip on exquisite cocktails, or indulge the award-winning picnic basket. The air is filled with the melodies of old Finnish songs, creating a harmonious backdrop while farm’s sheep graze in the nearby pasture. Every detail at Kuulas, from the dining hall chairs to the coffee cups and the curated playlist, is designed to offer an unforgettable and authentic Finnish experience.

Tammiston Kuulas is cherished by the Hostess, Chef, and Entrepreneur, Anu Vaissi-Harismaa. Over a decade, Anu has dedicated herself to the meticulous restoration of her childhood home, infusing it with her personal touch while honouring its 100-year legacy. Anu's passion for both interior design and food seamlessly converges in her role as the Hostess of Tammisto, promising a stay where aesthetics and flavours coalesce seamlessly.

- The story behind the product is delightful and refers to the time when those working in the fields were given lunch in a basket. It's great that this tradition has been commercialized and brought to the present day. It is also worth mentioning that the picnic basket is also available in a vegan version, Visit Finland expert Terhi Hook comments.

The award-winning picnic basket at Tammiston Kuulas
Credits: Tammiston Tila / Sielukas Media

2nd place, Restaurant Vår, Porvoo

Discover a welcoming ambiance at the restaurant, where attentive and considerate service is a hallmark. Restaurant Vår is committed to Porvoo's gastronomy, supporting local food, and prioritizing staff well-being. Engaging in collaborative efforts with local entrepreneurs, educational institutions, and a focus on youth development, the restaurant contributes to the local community. Sourcing raw materials directly from nearby farmers allows to influence the upcoming harvest season. For example the autumn menu features the option to enjoy a whole walleye in an evening, emphasizing zero waste as a nod to responsibility.

The service, both relaxed and meticulous, blends seamlessly with a harmonious atmosphere, complemented by the backdrop of Finnish rap music. While the Michelin-starred restaurant offers an exclusive experience, the overall ambiance at Vår is soothing and uplifting, leaving guests with a sense of satisfaction.

Vår stands as an authority in fine dining, contributing to exclusive and luxurious food tourism experiences. Congratulations to Porvoo on this achievement!

The overall ambiance at Vår is soothing and uplifting
Credits : Niko Lehto
Upscale dining at Vår
Credits: Jassu Dammert

3rd place, Glowing Ember Experience, Rovaniemi

Experience the enchanting Glowing Ember hut dinner—a journey into the authentic flavours of Nordic and Lapland cuisine, set in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland. This culinary adventure is curated by the passionate young entrepreneur and chef, Joel Manninen, and his dedicated team.

Indulge in a six-course feast of local flavours, skilfully blending the pride of wild ingredients with international influences. Each meticulously crafted dish narrates its own tale, incorporating locally sourced raw materials and delicacies from small-scale producers. In the background, the echoes of grandmothers and relatives add a generational touch, as stories seamlessly flow from one generation to the next.

The hut emanates a cosy ambiance, radiating warmth, a sense of pride in its craft, and a welcoming, expert service. The entrepreneurs Joel Manninen and Kukka-Maaria Lindqvist exhibit a profound understanding of their culinary artistry. While you conclude your dinner experience, a feeling of contentment and well-being lingers, as a testament to the expertise and care invested in every aspect of the Glowing Ember hut dinner.

Savour award-winning excellence from Rovaniemi's finest.
Credits : Joel Manninen
Chief preparing meal at Glowing Ember
Credits: Adam-Eronen Piper

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