Sustainable Camp School -programme in Iloranta

From 600 €
Duration 6 days

Iloranta is an old farmstead which has hosted guests for over 80 years - now already in the fourth generation. During the decades the place has changed and developed in order to meet the needs of nowaday clients.

In our camp schools we want to offer authentic experiences from the countryside as well as participate in developing rustic environmental education.

Nowadays many people living in cities and towns have no contact to the countryside and this is where camp schools in the country become more important than ever.

Sustainability is a key value of Iloranta. An old farm-house has always lived in a symbiosis with nature. The food is mainly local: daily fresh vegetables from local farmers, fish from local lakes and meat from local cattle breeders. The waste is handled along the newest rules and legislation.

When preaching for climate care for young people, we have learned that a key mean is personal behavior and example.

An unique opportunity is to get acquainted with the traces of ice age in the near forest nature

and to compare the temperature changes accross ice age to the ongoing climate change.

Getting to know The Finnish education system - inclusive and equitable quality education promoting lifelong learning possibilities equally to all.

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Suitable experience in January, February, March, April, May, August, September, October, November, December


Iloranta Oy

Rukkoilantie 129, 14700 Hämeenlinna
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