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Located in the Lakeland district, Piispala is the most popular camp school centre in Finland. With over 300 school camps organized annually in our safe and responsible environment, we are actively supporting Finnish schools to achieve their curriculum goals. Having certification in youth work, education, sports or environmental studies, our highly qualified instructors work with other professionals to create the most memorable Finnish camp experience for you. In our non-formal education setting with the emphasis on experiential learning, we stress the importance of individual learning process and participation, and focus on developing children and youth’s abilities of teamwork, problem solving, self-challenging, social skills, innovative learning and reflection.

We offer full services with friendly prices, including full-board accommodation, activities and instructions. We have 50+ camp programmes to choose: popular sports activities such as curling, ice hockey, floorball, archery, eco-shooting and skiing; nature & adventure activities such as Green Care, forest hiking, wilderness survival, geocaching, climbing tower, canoeing and snowshoeing; creative handcrafts like textile printing, eco jewelry, soapstone amulet, needle felting and box photography; and Finnish cultural experience courses.

We believe that, by immersing in the authentic camp environment, international students can enjoy sports fun, learn in nature, think and innovate just like Finnish children, which will help them get more holistic abilities for learning and benefit them for the whole life.

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Youth Centre Piispala

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