Finnish Nature, Culture, History and Educational system -programme in Iloranta

From 600 €
Duration 1 weeks

A trip to a old Finnish farmstead, fully modernized for arranging school camps and equivalent up to 100 guests simultaneously. During the week you have several visits to local schools and university, sheding light on the Finnish educational system but also offering active opportunites for discussions and acquaintance with pupils and students.

All the program details aim to create learning situations on Finnish nature, history, culture and educational system. Daily hands-on activities “live like a local” on different issues (e.g. Woodcrafts on the forest, baking rye bread, fishing, crayfishing, tease out and spin lambswool) deepen your understanding of Finnish nature, history and culture and attract insights on background of cultural differencies. An unique opportunity is to get acquainted with the traces of ice age in the near forest nature and to compare the temperature changes accross ice age to the ongoing climate change.

Where in Finland ?



Suitable experience in January, February, March, April, May, August, September, October, November, December


Iloranta Oy

Rukkoilantie 129, 14700 Hämeenlinna
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