Nuuksio Reindeer Park and amethyst mining shelter

From 25 €
Duration 3 hours

Welcome to the southernmost reindeer park in Finland, 30 km / 30 min from Helsinki city centre and airport. The privately owned reindeer park is located in the middle of Nuuksio National Park.

During your visit to the Reindeer Park, you can buy an amethyst mining pass worth 25 €, which entitles you to dig one domestic raw amethyst in the mining shelter. The amethyst pass can be purchased on site or ordered in advance for private reservations. The stone comes with a certificate of authenticity. Digging time about 15 min/pp.

The raw amethysts have been ecologically mined from a privately owned amethyst mine in Lapland and transported to Nuuksio for rediscovery. Amethyst is a meditation and power stone believed to calm, protect and strengthen the flow of life and the future.

For more information about public opening hours and private bookings: https://www.nuuksioreindeerpark.fi/en/opening-hours/

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