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Luxurious accommodation in an atmospheric log villa is the perfect break from everyday life! At Leviday villas you can enjoy high-quality self-catering accommodation close to Levi Ski Resort.

LeviDay1-4 apartments are suitable for travelers who appreciate a high standard of accommodation and recreation. Our semi-detached houses are connected to each other, so the apartments can be rented separately or together for a larger group.

All apartments are fully equipped with their own atmospheric sauna, two lounges, 4-5 bedrooms and two lift tickets for unlimited use by guests in winter. The villas are well equipped for relaxation and hobbies. The villas have a Welcome Cyclist badget and the villas are located along the outdoor routes. We offer all this, as well as personalized heartfelt service.

Leviday villas are part of the Travel Sustainable Finland program, which means that it has taken significant steps to make your stay more sustainable.

Leviday villas have Green Key sertificate. Green Key is an eco-label for tourism and leisure establishments that fulfill a list of environmental requirements Obtaining Green Key demonstrates the establihments' efforts to develop an environmentally friendly, sustainable and responsible business.

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